Xiaomi’s MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition on track to hit all 12 units soon

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Xiaomi brought a better software experience to some units with the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, and they have promised a fast rollout of the stable build to these units. Based on the Android 11, the OEM started the rollout of the new software on August 13 and have committed to making sure all units in the initial line-up get it by August 27.

To buttress that point, the company has already pushed the update to 6 out of the initial 12 units on the roster. This is good progress and we believe that they should be able to make good on their time promise – if they don’t beat it first.

If you have any of the eligible units, there is a catch to getting the update. The current update is rolling out to users with the China ROM on their units. We believe this is a move to do a staged rollout and observe if the update breaks anything before a global rollout is brought to the table.

If everything goes fine there, we should be looking at a global rollout soon. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t mention anything about rolling the update out to global markets anytime in the nearest future.

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