Xiaomi to Launch Three New Devices to European Markets, elsewhere too

Xiaomi to launch three new devices to European markets, elsewhere too
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Xiaomi likes to launch its devices and that of its subsidiaries in other markets before they make their way to the US. They have taken the same path with some units now, but we could be getting them in Europe soon too.

Note that there is no official confirmation yet but this comes from a source which we can trust.

That said, the first unit on this list is the Redmi Note 9 Pro which has already seen a launch in India. The launch happened sometimes last month too, so this is still a good window of time to get the unit into other markets.

The phone has also been introduced to Thailand and some other countries where AliExpress ships to too. Now, it would be making an official bow in India.

The next on the list is the standard Redmi Note 9 which we are yet to see in any market at all. It is almost like Xiaomi wants to get the most money from their Pro variant before they introduce the standard option. No matter what is going through their mind, the European launch could be the same time when we get it elsewhere in the world too.

Rounding up the list of devices to get into the new market is yet to be confirmed Mi Note 10 Lite. Note that the market already has a standard Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro in the market from last year. This is almost the same kind of move with Samsung and their Galaxy S10 devices for last year which got the Galaxy S10 Lite addition this year.

For now, we don’t know for sure when these units will be launching. Now that we have the information, though, we don’t think that will be far away anymore.

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