Xiaomi to launch its flagship units just before the Samsung Unpacked event

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Smartphone manufacturers have always found ways to outdo themselves in the market, and we could have a looming one between Samsung and Xiaomi soon.

For Samsung, it is customary that they hold the launch event for their newer Galaxy series in February. Thus, they have confirmed that all of the Galaxy S11/ Galaxy S20 family of devices will be launched on the 11th of February. Xiaomi will take advantage of that buzz though, and it seems they will be introducing their own flagship units before the Samsung Unpacked event gets underway.

Following the release timeframe, Xiaomi should be coming out with both of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro this year, and those would be the units to compete against whatever flagship offering other OEMs have decided to come up with for 2020.

They will also have answers to the Galaxy Note units later in the year, if we will get the Notes at all, so this is the one to focus on right now.

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Should they go that way, they might take a lot of momentum away from the Samsung Unpacked event happening later. Again, Xiaomi is known to sell its impressive devices at a lower profit margin which could hurt the sales of Samsung in the meantime.

Till then, we keep our fingers crossed to see how this one plays out.

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