Xiaomi starts pushing out MIUI 13 stable beta to the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

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Following in the shoes of Apple as they used to when they first launched, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max as the first Pro Max unit from their company.

As of the time of that launch, in early 2020, the device only shipped with Android 10 based on MIUI 11. In the same year of launch, the device got its push to the MIUI 12 platform – but it has had to wait long to get the MIUI 13. Now, though, Xiaomi is sending this update the way of users.

Remember that this unit only launched in India under this name so there will only be a single regional update. If anything, that means that the update can be better controlled and sent out faster.

Likewise, it is said to be in the stable beta phase right now. So, while everyone with the device can get the update right now, it will still roll out in batches so that the company can monitor how well it does and halt it in case any problems happen.

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If you happen to have bought this unit from the Indian market, you should be looking to get the notification soon. You can also head into the settings dashboard to manually request the update. In the case you don’t see the update after all that, just sit tight. It might not have been officially pushed to your line yet.

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