Xiaomi starts pushing MIUI 12.5 to Mi 8 units

Xiaomi starts pushing MIUI 12.5 to Mi 8 units

Remember that we wrote some days ago about the MIUI 12.5 rolling out to some units, and the MIUI 13 on the way. There, we discussed how older flagships would get the latest MIUI skin when it makes the market. We are seeing that kind of treatment on the former unit now.

Here, the Mi 8 is getting a bump to the MIUI 12.5 too.

Note that this device was launched as far back as 2018, making it impressive that it still gets an incremental update in its third year in the market.

The company has recently taken the update to the newest flagships and mid-range units in the market. The same love has been extended to units made in the past year that fall into that category also.

If you don’t have the update on your device yet, don’t worry. Being in stable beta mode right now, the OEM is only testing the update on a number of units in China. If there are no issues with the current rollout, more units from all around the world will get it too.