Xiaomi starts poshing MII 12.5 to select Mi 11 Ultra units

Xiaomi starts poshing MII 12.5 to select Mi 11 Ultra units

Xiaomi might have shown us the Mi 11 Ultra since as far back as April, but they have kept it to themselves till recently when they started to sell the device to interested users. Even at that, they have kept the launch to just India as we expect a global rollout soon.

Right now, it seems that the company was not even going to wait for the device to start selling before they started pushing a new update to it.

Shipping as the MIUI 12.5, this update is available as a stable beta right now. This means not everyone with the device will get it yet as the update is being monitored to ensure it doesn’t break anything. When it gets the greenlight for working right, a massive rollout will begin.

Given that the unit has only been introduced to India for now, it is much easier for Xiaomi to monitor the progress of the update too.

Note that this update has been out for months now, providing incremental support from the older MIUI 12 that was on flagships and other eligible devices. Even though the Mi 11 Ultra was the first to get the update, it has just started making its way to users since the device itself is just getting the greenlight for sale.