Xiaomi rebrands the Redmi 7A with Foggy Gold finish

Xiaomi rebrands the Redmi 7A with Foggy Gold finish

Remember that the Honor 20 just came out in a new colour option aimed at targeting the market again? It seems Xiaomi does not want to be left out of that trend as they have also relaunched a unit of their own too.

Just like Huawei, the unit being rebranded by Xiaomi came from the Redmi sub-brand.

As of the time of this writing, you can now snag up the Redmi 7A in a Foggy Gold finish, supporting the already existent Morning Blue and Matte Black. Fortunately, this new colour is available across all models and configurations of the phone so you don’t have to be hard-pressed when choosing which to go for, and in what hue.

Those who want to have a piece of this gold finish will find the phone selling through the company’s official website. It is only a matter of time before third party retailers also stock up on the device.

Even though the unit is designed to be an entry-level option, it still wows with some of the features it brings to the market.

Of those, we have the impressive SD 439 chipset under the hood which is covered up by the 5.45 inches of HD display on top. Just above the display is a 5MP front camera, partnering up with a 13MP rear sensor. All of that draws power from a 4000mAh battery for improved functionality.