Xiaomi plans Sept 27 launch date for new 5G phone

Xiaomi plans Sept 27 launch date for new 5G phone

We are approaching the end of the year but Xiaomi is not slowing down with phone launches yet. That is why they have announced a September 27 event where they will bring the Xiaomi CIVI to the market. Before the launch date gets here, though, the company is working on tests that are revealing some core specs of the unit to us.

For example, this phone comes with a Qualcomm SD 778G chipset which tells us that we have a 5G unit in the works. The official Weibo account of the company also holds info on how smooth an experience the new unit will get, even though the chipset inside it is slower than the newer SD 780G.

The company also mentions that the phone will ship with a 4500mAh battery, carry a triple camera setup on the back and come with a glass back to match.

While some tipsters have mentioned the remaining specs of the device, now is too close to the launch date to believe anything else. You could look at those leaks for an idea of what to expect while expecting Xiaomi to deliver the goods in a few days.