Xiaomi patents new design that sees an all-edge screen phone

Xiaomi patents new design that sees an all-edge screen phone

Xiaomi is no slouch to innovation, just as we saw on the Mi Mix design which was the most bezel less design as of the time of its launch.

While brands like Samsung have pushed the bar when it comes to curved screen designs, though, Xiaomi seems to have more to do with that kind of tech. That was why they patented an idea for an 88-degree curved edge screen in February. This tech was supposed to have a screen that covered everything save from the edges and back of the phone.

Looking at a new patent filed by the company, they might be going for the impossible now.

The details of that patent shows that the phone that comes out of the design will have a waterfall display with the screen covering all aspects of the side, top and bottom. Only the back of the device will be left devoid of a screen.

While that is fine, it also leaves the question of where the ports on the phone will be. Lacking a headphone jack is normal, but the charging port might be traded for wireless charging also.

For now, there are no news on whether or not here are any new devices in the pipeline that will carry this design. Likewise, not all patents make it to designs, so let’s fold our hands and watch what unfolds from the company’s stables.