Xiaomi OLED panels buffed with AOD and Dual clock function

Xiaomi OLED panels buffed with AOD and Dual clock function

Following the launch of the eagerly anticipated Mi 9, Xiaomi has been spending extra time on the bench with aim of improving the AOD feature of its phones.

A new feature in focus is the Dual Clock Always on Display which allows two clocks of different cities or time zones to be shown in AOD mode, and is inexplicably useful for the lovers of the road. It should be available to users via a future update, but at the moment, the feature is still limited to the developer version of the supported devices.

According to the post on Weibo, which is also responsible for the revelation of the new feature; All Xiaomi phones with OLED panel displays including the likes of the MI 8 will be accessible to the color screen AOD feature.

The update states further that since the 2016 Mi Note 2 comes also with an OLED display, it will have access to the AOD feature. The Mi 8 gets the AOD update first, followed by the Mi Note 2 and the Mi MIX 3.

The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, also stated that the dual-clock feature will be made available for all Xiaomi’s phone with OLED panels. This means you can be all the way in ancient city of Beijing, downing a bowl of noodles while sipping green tea and tell if your daughter’s ballet performance has started in the very beautiful, yet, very far off city of Paris, as long as you have a Xiaomi OLED panel Phone as a travel companion.