Xiaomi might launch a 200MP flagship phone to unseat Samsung

Xiaomi might launch a 200MP flagship phone to unseat Samsung
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Xiaomi continues to push the envelope in different categories, and we love to see it.

On some devices like the Mi Mix, they competed against other brands based on how much screen real estate they can give to the user without compromising the device’s functionality. On other units, they step up with the battery, or make some amazing changes to the innards of the phone.

According to a tipster, the Asian brand is coming for Samsung’s seat on the upcoming Galaxy S22 with a 200MP camera phone. That would be the first time that such a massive camera will be placed on a phone and we cannot wait to see what it can do.

Given that this is not the first time that Xiaomi has made such bold moves, we don’t doubt that they can pull it off.

Here’s the interesting part:

The sensor that comes with the phone could be the ISOCELL 200MP HP1 developed by Samsung itself. We doubt if Samsung will be slapping such a massive camera on its units anytime soon, but they wont mind selling it if it means extra revenue to another department of the company.

Such is the competition and interdependency that exists in the smartphone world.

Right now, there is neither official confirmation of this from Xiaomi nor any inclination to when the next set of flagships will launch. We expect that to come sometimes in this last quarter and be part of the Xiaomi 12 series. Otherwise, we could be looking at a launch scheduled for early next year instead.

No matter which it is, we are here for it – and would love to see what the brand has in store for us.

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