Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 leaks heavily, shows off innards and some design elements

Xiaomi Mi Mix leaks heavily, shows off innards and some design elements

There has been a lot of indication to the fact that we could get the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 from sometimes next month, and we believe the high activity in the rumour mill for now is a testament to that. The rumour mill is so active, a tipster from China – which is most likely the country where the device will debut and spend some time – has revealed some key specs for the unit.

For one, the leak does not say anything about the screen of the device, but we do know that it will be coming with a curved display and support for 2K viewing. That is laudable, but even better is the fact that the all-new Qualcomm SD 855+ will find its way onto this unit. If that is not interesting, then you will love the massive 12GB of RAM panned for the unit, on top of an equally gigantic 1TB of space.

From all indications, this device could ship with a 4,500mAh battery which supports 30W fast charging. In all, the outlook for this unit looks great, and we cannot wait to see how bezel-less it is going to be on release.