Windows 10 Final Build to arrive this week

Windows 10
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As the release of Windows 10 draws near, Microsoft just hyped the anticipation of the fans to a whole new level. Windows 10 final build is coming this week!

The RTM Builds are here!

The Verge has received news from reliable sources that Microsoft is planning to distribute the final copies of the Windows 10 for RTM builds by the end of this week.

RTMs might have been a big deal in previous releases of Windows, but it doesn’t carry that weight in the case of Windows 10.

Windows will no longer be releasing any more OS. They are now going with “Windows as a service” model. Hence is the reason for Windows 10 being the final version of Windows.

Now how Windows will be treating this “Windows as a service” model can be effective understood from how they are handling the builds for the users of the Windows Insider program.

Last week Windows 10 build 10158, 10159, and 10162 were released, containing minor improvements. And in just these three builds Microsoft’s “Pest-control” dealt with and removed hundreds of bugs.

Is Windows 10 Ready?

There is though a current debate about the readiness of Windows 10. And problems like some Driver issues and system glitches are still a bother. But the RTM milestone means that these won’t be a problem anymore.

Windows chief Terry Myerson said

“we will never be done.”

They have assured steady future updates for Windows 10 in the months to come. Some of these updates will include Microsoft’s Edge browser having extension support, and other app updates for built-in apps.

After the final build is out, Microsoft employees won’t still be going on their breaks as Microsoft will continue to polish the OS till public launch.

Windows 10 will be available to the testers first hand then will roll out in waves, starting July 29.

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