Windows 10 Face Detection is top-notch and works well

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As most of you should know, Windows 10 has many improved security features. One of which is Windows Hello, a face detection technology for secure log-in to your computer among many other uses.

Admittedly, face detection tech have been around for a while now, but we never had the technology with such high accuracy.

You may have had those awkward moments with twins where you can remember which one is John or James. There are even cases of husbands mistaking their wives with their sister-in-laws (speaking of good husbands whose wives are twins).

But you’re not fooling Windows 10 with that. It can differentiate the real you from your twin. It can even detect if the image in front is you or a picture of you.

How good Windows 10 Face Detection

The news is basically obtained from an informal test performed by The Australian. They tried fooling Windows 10 face detection attempting to use sets of twins to gain access to a Windows 10 machine.

They had gathered six pairs of twins for the experiment. One twin would register for the face detection and set up an account. The other would come and test if they could gain access to the device. And Windows amazed by denying them access without making any mistake.

Now you should keep in mind the experiment was carried out on a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 which has a nice camera with sophisticated depth-sensing capabilities.

Again the sample size of the experiment isn’t that big so the accuracy can be questions. Just judging six data you can’t create a concrete generalization.

Hence, the right pair of siblings/ lookalikes might dupe the system. Your camera might also not be efficient enough to give Windows Hello all the details it needs to make proper distinctions.

Either way, you do have a very reliable face detection technology with Windows Hello-probably the best in the market.

And it is for sure if you don’t have any twins, and have a top-notch hardware to compliment the software, then you are safe as safe as it gets.

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