WhatsApp will now allow chat migration between iOS and Android phones

WhatsApp will now allow chat migration between iOS and Android phones

For a long time now, it has been almost impossible to migrate WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS units without using some third-party apps. For a large social media platform that is used by the two largest mobile OSes, we don’t expect this to last long.

In an interesting turn of events, though, WhatsApp announced at the last Samsung Unpacked event that they will now offer support for chat history migration between both platforms. As should be expected, this feature will be possible on Samsung phones first as the social media giant works on making the same thing obtainable on other Android devices.

There has long been a battle of supremacy between Android and iOS with Samsung leading the charge for the former. In the past, there has also been numerous promotions that encourage users to switch to the Samsung side of the Android things.

With this move from WhatsApp also being a Samsung exclusive, a better case is made for those who want to make the full switch too.

It seems that the end-to-end encryption which locks down chat and user privacy made it almost impossible to migrate chats between platforms. Working with the largest OEM in the smartphone niche, though, it is easier to get around that and see what works.

We look to see how seamless the migration would be, and when we will get the same feature on other Android phones.