WhatsApp launches new sticker packs with WHO to boost vaccine uptake

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WhatsApp is doing its part in helping to reduce the spread of the pandemic and have, thus, entered a strategic partnership with WHO.

The first move comes in the form of a new sticker pack which aims to encourage more people to take the vaccine. The sticker pack also allows users who have taken the vaccine to express their thoughts to other WhatsApp users everywhere.

Recall that this is not the first time that the social media company launched such sticker packs with a Together at Home pack making the rounds when the pandemic was still in full gear.

Another laudable move for the IM platform is how they have waived all the fees associated with running a Business WhatsApp API for all companies in the health sector. That way, these companies can focus their budgets on getting more service out to those who need them rather than paying for platforms they use.

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We wait to see the uptake of these sticker packs and how it would help to achieve the intended purpose.

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