WhatsApp beta gets update that breaks chat history feature

WhatsApp beta gets update that breaks chat history feature

WhatsApp continues to improve the full suite of services that they offer with the app, all thanks to a couple of new updates the Facebook-owned company rolled out. Now, you can choose to set your media to be viewed only once which betters user privacy – while also opting to log into as much as 4 devices at once.

However, the beta users of the WhatsApp platform have more than they bargained for when a new update brought a bug to the system. If you are on the beta version, and you are seeing that you cannot load older messages, you are not alone.

The bug is such that the older chats are still in your system, but they cannot be accessed by simply scrolling up. You can access these chats when you search for them, but you would only get an infinite scroll icon when you try to scroll up.

Some users claim that they can still access the rest of their history on WhatsApp Web but that is not possible for others.

WhatsApp is yet to officially confirm this bug, but know that you are not alone. In the next few days, we expect that they bring out a fix to nip the issue in the bud.