We won’t get a foldable device from OnePlus anytime soon. Here’s why

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Almost everywhere you look today, one company or the other is teasing a new foldable phone or has launched one. That is seen with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, of which we are looking forward to new versions soon. Other OEMs have also been teasing what they would bring to the market soon.

Well, all others except for OnePlus.

According to the company CEO, OnePlus is not currently concerning itself with such thoughts. The reason for that is because the company has high standards for what a foldable phone should be, and they don’t want to go with the designs on the market.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia

In short, the CEO attests that there are no major advantages which the phone offers that doesn’t trump the disadvantages it brings on board. That is not entirely wrong, and sounds like a strong base for argument.

If that is anything to go by, though, it means we will be getting one of the best foldable units from OnePlus when they do plan on dabbling into the market.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia