Vivo unveils its 4th-gen In-display Fingerprint Technology alongside DSP Acceleration Technology

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At an event held in China this week, Vivo officially took the veil of its 4th generation in-display fingerprint technology and also announced a certain DSP Acceleration Technology, a collaborative effort with Qualcomm.

Vivo 4th gen in-display fingerprint technology will enhance unlock speed on new Vivo’s devices with under-display fingerprint sensor by 40%. In addition, unlock speed will even be faster in well-lit environments or under bright light generally. Vivo says it will take only 0.35s to unlock a Vivo smartphone that rocks its new 4th gen in-display fingerprint technology.

About the collaborative project with Qualcomm, the new DSP Acceleration Technology will further help the Vivo’s in-display fingerprint readers work better and even faster with high-level of security maintained.

The DSP Acceleration Technology will work with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 670 SoC for faster fingerprint unlock. The Snapdragon 670 is 15% faster than the SD 660, has a (25% faster) Adreno 615 GPU, and comes with a Hexagon 685 DSP — works collectively with the Adreno GPU and the Kryo CPU to form a faster neural and AI Engine.

For Vivo’s 4th generation fingerprint technology, the basis of the DSP Acceleration Technology is Hexagon DSP engine handles the task of fingerprint unlock together with the CPU (Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment), thereby making fingerprint unlock three times faster (and secure) than when the CPU handles it alone.

Vivo X23

Vivo says the new 4th-gen fingerprint scanner will ship with the recently launched Vivo X23, its upper mid-range smartphone expected to be available later this month. The DSP Acceleration Technology will, however, roll out to the device later in October as an OTA update.

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