Vivo confirms that the iQOO 3 Neo will have a 144Hz refresh rate

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When all that we were talking about was the Vivo iQOO 3 smartphone, we didn’t know that the company has plans for yet another one. They have recently launched that one, but they are also bringing a new iQOO 3 Neo sometime soon.

We can already confirm that the unit will launch on April 23. Today, the company has also come out with more specs to look forward to on this unit – and that is about the 144Hz refresh rate alongside a UFS 3.1 storage tech.

From the teaser image, we can also see that the phone will launch with a Qualcomm SD 865 chipset under the hood. It is not like this is news to us though since that is what a high-end device should have right now anyways.

Before now, we have thought that the phone will only have a 120Hz refresh rate on its screens. With this confirmation, what Vivo is planning sounds even better

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