The Redmi K40 gaming phone to sport 120Hz screen, HDR 10+ display and other top specs

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Redmi might have ben making phones in different categories for some time now, but they have not considered a gaming device before. All that will change when the Redmi K40 gaming unit makes the market as it is billed to come as a gaming unit.

We would have expected that the brand creates another line of devices for the gaming line-up, but they have decided to go with an existing line-up instead.

On this device, we are told to expect an OLED screen with 120Hz screen refresh rate and a 10-bit panel. The 6.43-inch screen will also be built with HDR 10+ technology to give the device and even better colour reproduction and rendering ability.

With all that on board, it is ready to believe that the unit will also ship with some of the very best specs to make it to the market this year.

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The unveiling of the unit is in a couple of days and we cannot wait to see all that there is to see about this unit.

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