The Motorola ‘Kyoto’ could debut as a Moto Edge 20 Lite

The Motorola ‘Kyoto’ could debut as a Moto Edge 20 Lite

Some brands come out to release a new phone and only then do you remember that they are still in the market.

That is the way we feel about Motorola and their units.

That said, the brand has had a new device with the codename “Kyoto” in the works for some time now. This will follow a line of Edge-branded devices, but we did not know the real name of the unit. If what Evan Blass – a reliable tipster – is saying should be taken with some weight, that unit will be named the Edge 20 Lite.

Note that this is not the first time that Evan has made such claims and he tends to get his stuff right.

He went on to confirm that the phones that had been codenamed Lisbon and Saipan will come out as G60S and G50 5G respectively.

If you have been following the phones from the stables of Motorola, you will know that they already have G50 which also has 5G connectivity, even if it wasn’t in the name. We wait to see how this one will differ from that unit.

In the meantime, we can only wait for when the company decides to take the veil off the units in its line-up.