The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will get a Thom Browne edition, and its gorgeous

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will get a Thom Browne edition, and its gorgeous

Thom Browne is one of the best minds in design in the world, so it is little wonder that the phones they make with Samsung end up being in high demand and sold out as fast as possible.

Samsung keeps the efforts of this designer concentrated on the high-end Galaxy Z Flip line. For the first unit in that line, the devices did sell out very fast. Samsung made just 50000 units for the South Korean market and they received more than 40 times that number of people indicating interest to buy.

The Z Flip 2 designed by the same brand had the same success – and we now have that the South Korean OEM is going with having their Z Flip 3 enjoy the same case.

The renders are in already and as you can see, they look good. The design elements look consistent with the matte finish that we have gotten in the past. If anything, we know that this one will be even sleeker than what was on the former units as the designer has also had more time to learn and grow from the past models.

Turning to the phone itself, there is not much to go on officially but the rumour mills are agog with the promise of a Qualcomm SD 870 chipset under the hood of the 8GB device which will have as much as 256GB of space to match. The foldable unit is also supposed to get a 3273mAh battery to keep the lights on, while sporting a dual 12MP camera setup on the rear.

Elsewhere, there are indications that the new device could be less expensive compared to its predecessor, many thanks to the decision to use a slightly lesser than flagship chipset under the hood. How that plays out is anyone’s guess as of now.