The Galaxy S11 battery might have just leaked in new rounds

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Samsung is already hard at work for what would be their Galaxy S11 series, and that should be expected if they are to get in with the February launch wave. In line with that, we have started seeing a lot of news about these, and the latest comes in the way of a battery that will come on the Galaxy S11.

Although the name of this unit was not stated, its model number of SM-G980 follows that of the Galaxy S10e (SM-G970), so we can as well conclude that this is the device in question.

Looking at the spec sheet for this battery, we are supposed to get something with a 3800mAH or 3900mAh rating from the company. That might not look like a lot compared to what most other companies have been offering today, but it is way better than the 3100mAh capacity which we had on the Galaxy S10e anyways.

Many argue that the reason for the way bigger battery is because of some battery-draining features that this device will launch with. On top of that list, we have the likes of the 90Hz refresh screen rate and support for 5G.

As more time closes in between now and the launch event, we will know more about the individual units to make up this series.

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