The Apple iPhone 13 could really come with a smaller bezel

The Apple iPhone 13 could really come with a smaller bezel

Apple sure knows how to keep a tight lid on things, but even that won’t prevent some news from slipping through the cracks.

That is what we have with the iPhone 13 and constant leaks about how the notch will be even smaller than what we have on the iPhone 12 series. Note that we got similar leaks before the iPhone 12 unis launched and they turned out to be true. This shows how much Apple is willing to keep the notch but not without improving on it every year.

According to the latest leak, this notch rumour could be true.

A Greek repair service named iRepair has shared some front glass panels of what should be the iPhone 13 and they do have smaller notches. The difference is noticeably in the earpiece speaker being moved further up so that other sensors and lenses commonly in the notch could occupy the space left beneath it.

That won’t make a mammoth of a difference, but it would make enough difference to count.

As of now, we await more leaks and details on what is to be the next flagship from the Cupertino-based company.

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