The African arm of Founders Factory has launched the Hatch Community programme to support African entrepreneurs.

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A venture development company, Founders Factory, which initially launched in London in 2015, announced and started operations in Africa in 2018.

The African arm of the organization located in Johannesburg has built over 70 startups since its inception.

Now, Founders Factory Africa has launched a network to link technologists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in Africa. The new initiative is called the Hatch community. Hatch is committed to revolutionizing the ecosystem of startups across Africa.

The company is dedicated to ensuring that proper support and expertise required to scale startups, especially in the current competitive market, is provided to African business founders.

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In a bid to actualize their dedication to the growth of startups, Founders Factory Africa launched the Hatch community. Already, the company has invested in several startups in Africa since it found a base in Johannesburg.

Members of the Hatch community will have access to initiatives crafted exclusively to support African entrepreneurs as they progress in their respective startups. They will have access to specially organized events, technical skills development programmes, Founders Factory Africa’s industry experts, and direct contact to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa.

The Director of Culture and Talent at Founders Factory Africa, Lola Coker, said, ‘’Hatch was designed to address some of the challenges faced by early-stage founders on their journey to scale,’’

According to the company, there is no specific entry requirement or limit on the number of individuals who can become a member of the Hatch community and benefit from its resources.

The programme is free and aims at sky-rocketing entrepreneurship across Africa. 

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