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SystemSpecs – developers of Remita – is restricting to serve the financial markets even better

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SystemSpecs is one of the fintech companies that has been ruling the game for long. You might not have heard of them before, but you must have heard of Remita. They are the company behind that too.

As of the time of this writing, they are restructuring their workflows and plans to allow them cater to the financial market even better. To spearhead this change is the introduction of Paylink – a new service that allows users to receive payments to their bank accounts without having to expose their bank details in the process.

Basically, the function allows users to store their bank details on the Paylink website. When they want to get a payment via the service, all they have to do is send a link to their Paylink profile to the payer.

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By so doing, Paylink acts as the intermediary to collect the said payment and fund into the necessary bank account.

This will make it easy for those businesses who have an online/ social media presence, churches and other such public organizations to collect payments without hassles.

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