Supply Chain Reports: Apple might be working on 1TB iPhone 13 models

Supply Chain Reports Apple might be working on 1TB iPhone 13 models

It seems like yesterday when Apple were still worrying about how they would meet up with demands for the iPhone 12. This was after the pandemic had almost shut down all production processes from all over the world.

Right now, the rumours of the Apple iPhone 13 are flying around without handle.

We are expecting four unique phones in this series by September. In the meantime, we now have reason to believe that some models will come with as much as 1TB on them.

Note that this is not the first time that a phone maker will attempt such huge sizes on a device. Samsung has experimented this size on their devices in the past but they seemed to have settled on the 512GB storage option for now. We wait to see how Apple aims to make that more practical.

Likewise, there is a chance that one of the devices, at least, will be sold without a charging port. This would advance the magnetic charging argument that Apple is slowly introducing to us with the current iPhone 12 models.

For now, there is not much concrete data to go on regarding these units. Knowing how well Apple keeps its things under wraps, that is not surprising.

If there were a 1TB model, though, would you be willing to buy it – and why?

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