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Stingray – The new game engine from Autodesk

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Last year, Autodesk had purchased the Bitsquid engine. Now, Autodesk has launched Stingray a new game engine built around Bitsquid.

Here’s what Autodesk’s new game engine, Stingray has in store-

According to Engadget the primary goal behind the development of Stingray was creating a game engine for smaller studios which provides customization options without much need of programming.

Along with this, the company wanted Stingray to be well-equipped and offer a good competition to market competitors like Unity engine and Unreal engine 4.

Stingray will also come equipped with features like- post-processing effects, high-performance reflection system, physical shading and more.

Currently, major companies are using game engines like the Unreal 4 or the Unity 5 and it will be difficult for Autodesk to establish their market in these places. Hence, they have chosen to target small to medium sized companies.

The product will provide developers with comfortable scripting tools available via simple drag and drop. But you want complete control, the source code is also at your disposal.

“Between augmented reality, virtual reality and the proliferation of mobile platforms, the games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers,”

said , Autodesk’s senior vice president of media and entertainment, Chris Bradshaw in a press statement.

“Stingray makes it easy and intuitive for artists with varying skill sets and programming expertise to create the next generation of 3D blockbuster games, entertainment and even architecture.”

he added

Stingray will be supported on mostly all major OSes and – Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and even Oculus Rift DevKit 2.

“We never know what kind of games we’re going to create, and the engine is good for that. It really allows us to just make anything,”

said Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pileated.

“We can make an FPS or an RTS, or a top-down shooter, or a role-playing game, or whatever. It’s not tied to a specific genre.”

The Stingray is quite affordable with a subscription of just $30 a month. Subscriptions will start August 19 and any Autodesk’s Maya LT desktop subscriber will be eligible for access to Stingray.

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