Samsung’s Windows 10 powered tablet spotted at certification sites

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For several months there had been reports suggesting that Samsung is working on a 12-inch Windows 10-powered tablet.

These rumors have now been confirmed as the alleged 12-inch Samsung tablet has received certifications from the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance authorities. Both certification bodies have published the official documents related to the device, which is tagged Samsung SM-W700.

Additionally, the tablet has been also spotted at the Indian import/ export site, Zauba, further confirming the existence of the tablet.

The Samsung SM-W700 is listed to run on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, cementing rumors that it may be Samsung’s first Windows 10-powered tablet.

The Zauba listing shows the Samsung SM-W700 to be shipped on November 17 and 18 to Bengaluru and Delhi respectively. Notably, the company has shipped accessory of the tablet to Bangalore while the tablet has been shipped to Delhi and has a declared value of around Rs. 30,000 (about 90,000 Naira).

However, import/ export websites’ price listings of devices are only their declared values, and usually are not accurate reflections of the phones’ actual market price.

Some of the rumoured details of the Samsung SM-W700 include a 12-inch display with QHD resolution. Furthermore, the device is expected to come bearing an Intel Core M processor and 4GB of RAM. The tablet is also said to come with a Stylus Pen bundled with it.

Apart from the 12-inch tablet, Samsung has been widely expected to be gearing to launch four high-end Galaxy smartphones next year. The rumoured four variants of the Samsung Galaxy phones include Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

An earlier report had suggested that an initial 5 milllion units of the flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone will be produced. Other reports say three variants of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone will sport three different screen sizes.

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