Samsung’s new SSD Drive fits 16TB in 2.5-inches


Samsung has announced an SSD that can store up to 16TB of data in just a 2.5-inch form factor.

Recent news about Samsung has mostly involved big phones or curved phones. But today Samsung has broken their record and most certainly achieved a world record as a first to do so.

Generally SSD’s are known for their unparalleled speeds, but not for huge storing capacities. Arguably, the largest magnetic spinning drives can store a max of 8 – 10 TB of data.

Samsung’s new SSD has surely broken all records.

How Samsung achived 16TB Storage

As explained by ArsTechnica, the drive is using a new technology by Samsung; a new 256 gigabit NAND flash die technology.

This technology, combined with a 3D stacking technique has helped to fit more storage into the same space.

Traditionally built flash chips are 2-dimensional and arranged flat in that 2D plane. What Samsung is doing is stacking several layers of memory cells next to each other and achieving the ridiculous storage density.

Samsung has included 48 of their new SSD’s in a server, which now can pull 2 million input/output operations per second. To put this number into perspective, a normal SSD can pull off a mere 90,000 at max.

The most remarkable part about this is that all this fits in a small as matchbox enclosure.

Now a price tag has not been laid on these babies but ArsTechnica estimates a $5000 tag. This isn’t way high above the charts as a 2.5 TB drive currently costs around $1000. This much storage isn’t that cheap.

The technology is currently aimed towards enterprises and you will probably not be needing such power anyhow.