Samsung’s latest chipset in the pipeline is 50% faster than the Galaxy S21’s SoC

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One issue that Samsung has had to deal with for years is that of chipsets.

From using different chips (Exynos and Snapdragon) in units going to different markets to suffering chip scarcity – which will now delay the launch of the next Galaxy Note devices – they have seen it all.

Thus, it is great to see that the company is winning on the chip front with their latest joint project with AMD. We don’t have the name of the Exynos chipset yet, but it has been taken to a 3D Mark test where it scored 50%+ higher than any of the chips in the current Galaxy S21 line-up. This means that the next flagship from the company which will run this chip will surely have a lot of power behind it.

There is a high chance that the chip comes on the Galaxy S22, allowing us to see what it is capable of before we see it elsewhere. Maybe, for the first time in many years, Samsung won’t have to deal with fans who complain rightly about how their Exynos chipsets might be inferior to the Qualcomm SD chips in other variants of the same device.

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