Samsung’s enticing pricing for the Galaxy A52 5G successor leaks

Samsung’s enticing pricing for the Galaxy A52 5G successor leaks

Samsung has been working the affordable 5G unit angle for some time now but it now has strong competition in that market also. Seeing as the Galaxy A52 5G was one of the 5G units that got a good reception in the market, it is normal that the South Korean OEM wants to bring a refresher of the unit to the market.

To be called the Galaxy A52s, the details of the device’s pricing in Europe has now made the news.

If you’ll be looking to buy the phone in the region, you should expect to shell out anywhere from EUR449. This is for the model that packs 128GB of internal storage, as seen on the retailer 91Mobiles. For those who checked the basic Galaxy A52 5G when it launched, it came in at EUR429 so this price is a great initial launch for the refreshed model.

But, what’s different?

On the new unit, Samsung brings a newer SD 778G chipset with fully integrated support for 5G out of the box. The current configuration of the device also means that there is a high chance it can be sold, and supported, by US carriers also.

For now, we expect that most of the features will remain the same with what we have on the older unit. Looking forward to the launch date, though, we should get more info about this device soon.