Samsung working on stronger Galaxy Z Fold3 glass, cutting costs on the camera

Samsung working on stronger Galaxy Z Fold3 glass, cutting costs on the camera

Samsung seems to be working extra hard at not only making the Galaxy Z Fold3 a better device, but also not a costly piece of hardware. Well, relatively speaking.

According to reliable tipster, Ice Universe, Samsung is spending more time and resources on the screen of this new foldable device. At launch, the South Korean OEM wants to make sure that the screen is stronger than what they had on the Z Fold2, and also stronger than anything on the market right now.

This is based on the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) tech that Samsung had been working on for a while and even debuted with their Z Fold 2.

Since we are getting rumours that this device will come with a stylus pen too, it makes sense that they have a screen which does not scratch as easily. Otherwise, their addition could also be their greatest undoing.

Now, working on making the screen better, more durable and appealing will cost a lot of R&D and new investments. However, Samsung does not want to drive up the costs of the phone such that it burns a hole in the pockets of those who want it. Thus, they have decided to use the same cameras as the Z Fold 2.

That way, they can shave off all those extra costs and still bring a beautiful, working device to the customers.

As you should know, there has been no official confirmation on any of this but the tipster does have a reliable track record. Still, take everything with a pinch of salt till Samsung comes out with an official release.