Samsung to ship free Galaxy Earbuds plus with Galaxy S20 preordrs

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With brands like Apple and Samsung who make their own earbuds, we always expect that they will ship with the flagship devices for the year. However, that is usually not the case – seeing as users would have to buy those specially as a standalone unit.

Samsung is making a great deal for those who want to get the Galaxy S20 this year, though, ensuring you can get the Galaxy Buds for free.

There is a caveat though.

For such a deal to apply to you, this means you would have to get the phone on preorder. They would be unveiled on February 11 at the Samsung Unpack ad event, and we expect that the preorder should start on the same day or next.

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Note that the earbuds that would ship with this unit are not the old ones but the new set of Galaxy Earbuds Plus that the company is developing. Likewise, it seems that the offer is restricted to those getting the Galaxy S20 Plus only, so we might as well keep our fingers crossed to see if the same package deal will be applied to the other phones in the lineup.

For now, it is better to take this news with a pinch of salt till Samsung comes out to make an official confirmation on the matter. Till then!

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