Samsung to leave ToF off its upcoming flagship series again

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Samsung used to have a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor on their units which allowed them to capture the depth and distance data in pictures better. This made it to the Galaxy S10 family of units but the company ditched it on the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 series.

The reason behind that, then, was that the sensor did not cover as much depth and as such, led to some inaccuracies. Likewise, it needed some amount of light to work which made it not so reliable as what we had on the Apple LiDAR.

Recent reports are showing that the South Korean OEM plans to continue leaving this sensor out of upcoming units too.

It is believed that the current camera is a fan favourite and as such, there is no need to bring something that is as dicey as the ToF anymore.

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If you were looking to get a Galaxy S22 series device when they come out, note that this is one of the things that won’t be making its way to the device. However, since they don’t make much of an impact on the current camera quality, you might not miss it that much.

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