Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold in four new markets

Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold in four new markets

Samsung is proud of what they have done on their Galaxy Fold, and they want the whole world to see it. At first, this device launched in the home market of South Korea alone, but it would soon make its way to all of the US, UK, Germany, Singapore and France.

The tech giant is now planning to push the same device to Japan, Poland, Mexico and Switzerland.

This is coming on the back of impressive sales which Samsung has been getting on the units. In South Korea, for example, the phones are being sold in batches of 10,000 units. It is said that they are preparing to work on a third batch right now, meaning people are ignoring the fees to have a hold of this new piece of tech.

However, some people within the industry believe that Samsung is keeping the volume of the phones to a minimum to allow them keep the price and value up. For now, though, it is surprising to see that China is yet to get the phone, and it is not even on the current expansion list. But then, we believe the phone should launch there at the same time as the Mate X to provide some needed competition.