Samsung to launch Galaxy A5X/ A7X series with Apple-challenging chipset

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Samsung has been chasing Apple down for years now and a strategic partnership with AMD allows them to inch closer to that status that they so covet.

Now, their new AMD-powered Exynos chipsets can look to compete with and even surpass the GPUs that Apple uses in its devices. Of course, such a massive change should come with the flagships and we already believe that the Galaxy S22 series will be the one to ship with the new chipsets first.

However, that is not all about these new series.

If you have been following Samsung phone releases, you know that the Galaxy A series are some of the best midrange devices in the market. It is almost like they bring all of the amazing features of a Galaxy S line without the high price, and some cost shavings here and there to make it worth your while also.

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Thus, it is little surprise that some of the units in this line-up will also use the latest chipset. This might be a way for Samsung to make more people trust this choice before they upgrade to the higher Galaxy S models to take advantage of all that power.

Right now, there is no news on which Galaxy A units will get the treatment. If we will make a wild guess, though, it would be the units that are supposed to ship as the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73, taking the baton from their impressive predecessors that are already doing well in the market.

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