Samsung to integrate Snapchat lenses, 30x zoom into the Galaxy A52/ A72

Samsung to integrate Snapchat lenses, 30x zoom into the Galaxy A52 A72

Samsung might be competing with other smartphone makers in its different price ranges based on specs, but they know how to sweeten the deal also.

We have had the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 in the news for a while now, so much that some of their specs are already out there.

Under the hood, though, Samsung adds some more impressive features to appeal to some users.

For one, the phones are rumoured to ship with in-built support for Snapchat lenses inside the stock camera app. In other words, users don’t have to enter the Snapchat app to use their favourite lenses anymore when they could just boot up the normal lens that ships with the phone.

Furthermore, the device will also have a 30x zoom camera, putting a new spin on zooming in on pictures and still having them come out fine.

Elsewhere, there are some exceptions that we don’t quite understand yet.

The phones will have chargers in their pack in some markets but lack these charging bricks in other markets. Likewise, the 5G variant of the Galaxy A52 won’t have the snapchat lenses built into it – which is quite disturbing.

We await the company’s official statement on why that might be.