Samsung teams up with Marvel to launch cinematic smart cases for the Note 10/ Note 10 Plus

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If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so happen to love the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus too, this is a great time for you. Afterall, both companies have teamed up to make something amazing happen on this phone.

Before you get too excited and think this means an MCU edition of both devices, the collaboration is just on the cases and smart covers of the phones for now. The cases are called smart because using them doesn’t prevent your phone’s NFC from working, even featuring a design that incorporates the NFC chip itself.

So far, we have seen four cases out in the wild, and they are for Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America and Deadpool. The best part of these cases is that your phone will also autodetect what casing it has on and switch to a matching theme when you slip them on.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia

If that is not a cool feature, we don’t know what is.

Now that you have seen these cases and what they can do, will you get one of them for about $37?

Smartphone Deals on Jumia