Samsung surprisingly rolls out April security patch to Galaxy Note FE

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We would not expect that Samsung would go as far back as 2017 to update a device, but that is what we have with the Galaxy Note FE right now.

Those who recall this device will know that it was a last gasp attempt to save face after the multiple explosions that rocked the Galaxy Note 7 world.  Not surprisingly, the phone was a hit – even though the company only made and sold a few units.

Right now, the phone is getting the April security patch which has also rolled out to the flagship units from the brand.

There is no official changelog yet but we know that the update has made its way to all of Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, among other countries. If you have the same unit in other markets, chances are that you will get the notification to update your unit soon too.

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We expect there to be some housekeeping, bug quashing and performance boosting tweaks in the update. There is no word yet on whether or not this unit will get more updates, but users should feel lucky that they are brought up to speed this time at all.

If you are yet to get the update notification, you might want to head over to the settings dashboard to manually request one.

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