Samsung rolls out Galaxy Note 9 Night Mode update to the US too

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Samsung has been rolling out the Night Mode for their Galaxy Note 9 as far back as June, but the South Korean OEM was giving that update to those in the German region. While other markets have since been waiting on that update, the US markets will be removed from the waiting list now.

For users in the US, your Galaxy Note 9 has a new update rolling out to it and it brings this amazing Night Mode with it. Besides that, the update also comes with the security patch for the month of July, 2019.

If you were looking to get the one for August instead, you might have to wait a little longer for that.

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It is worthy of note that the unlocked Note 9 units are also getting an update with everything but the Night Mode on it. We don’t know why that is, but we strongly believe the tech giant will fix this issue in due time.

For now, only US users on the Verizon network will get the said update. If you are with other carriers, it is advised that you sit tight till Samsung engineers consider you.

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