Samsung pushes these Galaxy units to a 5-year update cycle

Samsung pushes these Galaxy units to a 5-year update cycle

Apple has always been the gold standard for software updates, supporting each new device for up to five years after launch. Brands like Samsung have also tried to inch close but the best that they can do is limited to their flagship models alone. Even at that, the company has a recent four-year update policy on these units.

Today, though, the company came out with a new plan that supports the devices from its stable for up to five years after release. This new plan will support a select few units: the Galaxy S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Xcover 5 and Galaxy Tab Active 3.

Before you get excited, though, note that this only affects the enterprise model of these phones. That means those models that were specially designed for businesses and could be tuned by the IT unit of these business to match specific capabilities.

While we would have loved to see the same grace extended to commercial models, this looks like a step in the right direction. Given the sensitivity of business data, it is nice to see that the South Korean OEM is doing what it can to ensure that these units stay safe against top threats.

That said, again, there is no indication that Samsung is looking to support these phones with a core update. Thus, they could get Android OS upgrades for the first couple of years and only continue with security patches and bug fixes.