Samsung officially stops making new Galaxy Note units, stops on the Note 20

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After the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, there were some reports that we will not be getting a Galaxy Note 21 this year. With some time passed after that piece of news, Samsung officially came out to confirm it.

Then, there could have been a lot of reason why they would choose to go this way. Among all of those reasons is the fact that most companies were just coming from the scarcity of chips due to the pandemic.

Likewise, it is expected that users might not be able to purchase at the same level and volume that they used to in the past. Even at that, Samsung also confirmed that they will only be skipping the Galaxy Note 21.

As of the time of this writing, though, it is officially set in stone that we will not be getting any Samsung Galaxy Note units again.

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Thus, the Galaxy Note 20 is the last in that line and we will now see more foldable devices in the market. To buttress that point, Samsung has chosen to name the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as the Note Z alternatively.

Given the form factor of the foldable phone, it seems that this is the line that Samsung wants to replace the bar-type phone.

If you have been a fan of the Stylus pen in the Note, it would make sense to port onto the foldable world with the amazing work which Samsung us doing in the region these days.

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