Samsung might bring a smaller battery on the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung might bring a smaller battery on the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung has always been wary of batteries since what happened on the Galaxy Note 7, but that does not mean they should always put smaller batteries on their units.

If a new leak on the upcoming Galaxy S22 is anything to be believed, we would be getting a battery smaller than what is obtainable on the vanilla Galaxy S21 for this year.

For context, the battery for the Galaxy S21 is rated at 4000mAAh while what we will have on the Galaxy S22 could be just 3700mAh. That is 300mAh that we won’t be getting back.

Seeing as the new device will cost more than the old one, it would make sense that it lasts longer and with a reliable battery also. However, Samsung might be doing that to shave costs since the oedemic has driven up the costs of many parts, and they want to keep the price increase to a good measure.

At the same time, we cannot simply judge the phone based on the reported battery. Afterall, Samsung might have included some software tweaks that will ensure the battery lasts even longer and is used better by the device.

For now, it is a waiting game as we take this news with a pinch of salt. Till we see anything concrete, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.