Samsung might be launching a rebranded Galaxy A22 5G as seen here

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Samsung might be going the way of bringing the same device to different markets under different names again.

If that is right, the next units to get this treatment will be the already launched Galaxy A22 5G and the upcoming Galaxy F42 5G.

While the latter device had already been to the Wi-Fi board for certification, it is just getting its Bluetooth certification too. That certification revealed that it shares the same certificate with the Galaxy A22 5G – hence this deduction.

Samsung could still choose to do something different with the phone, though. In the case that they don’t, we might be looking at another 6.6-inch device with about 4-8GB of RAM under the hood. The internal storage space will most likely start at 64GB, and the unit will use one of those new Dimensity 700 chipsets.

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Having already gotten these two certifications, it is obvious that the phone is closer to launch with every passing day. We don’t know what markets it will make it to yet, but all that will be revealed in due time.

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