Samsung is allegedly working on a Galaxy Fold 2 for July launch

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Samsung will never cease to amaze us.

When they introduced the Galaxy Z Flip for this year, we would have thought that it would be the successor to their Galaxy Fold from last year. It is now shaping up to look like this won’t be the case as the company might be working on a Galaxy Fold 2 instead.

We are starting to think this is a way to start the kind of Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series flagship wars in the foldable phone category.

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Rumors claim that the new device would have a 7.7-inch main screen, which is bigger than the one we had with the previous Galaxy Fold. It is also said that Samsung is working on an under-display selfie camera for the device. Seeing as this company has made in-display fingerprint sensors work, as well as the hole-punch tech, we doubt that they won’t get this to happen too.

Release date is pegged at the middle of this year, such that we might have the device sometimes from June/ July. For now, it is a waiting game to see what Samsung confirms on the matter – or other leaks that could come up.

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