Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+ possible press images leak + specs so far!

Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+ possible press images leak + specs so far!

Samsung has found it hard to keep a tight lid on information that pertains to two of its latest flagships to soon hit the market – the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The devices have leaked a lot in the space of the past few months and they are still doing so.

Not so long ago, we got some renders of the unit which failed to account for much of what we have heard and are expecting. Today, we have some new images that could well pass for the press images of this unit.

It does not take a very hard look to see that Samsung spent a great deal of time in designing this unit. The dual camera setup on the back of the S9+ is as promised, there is a new lilac colour scheme to choose from and the elliptical fingerprint scanner on the back is a beauty to behold.

Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+ possible press images leak + specs so far!Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+ possible press images leak + specs so far!

The front of the unit is not that far away from the Galaxy S8 units in terms of design. Not that we expected it to be though. Seeing as this is a new wave of design, all Samsung needs do is perfect the formula they had already created on the S8 units.

All that being said, the best things are still under the hood.

The good report starts with the mention of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset running the affairs of the phone. That is married to 4GB of RAM on the S9 and 6GB on the S9+. Of course, that would be for the US markets only.

The global markets would see Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9810 chipsets under the hood. They are promised to do better since they will reach a clock speed of 2.9GHz as compared to 2.6GHz on the other chipsets.

One thing both units would share though is the 64GB internal storage space and option for expansion. When it comes to battery, we have a bit of difference again – 3000mAh on the S9, 3500mAh on the S9+. Considering the power utilisation efficiency of the chipsets and the new Android 8 Oreo operations system, we expect these batteries to do better than the ones on former flagships from this company.

It would be an injustice if we did not mention the camera units. A stunning 12MP camera would be on the back of both units. For the S9+, Samsung breaks its personal record by making this their first unit to sport a dual camera setup. The other camera would also be rated at 12MP. Come MWC, and we cannot wait to confirm the truth behind all of these.