Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to sport magnesium build, Hi-Fi audio

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Rumors have been surfacing regarding the Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S7. The latest is that it is likely to include Hi-Fi audio system.

A couple of days ago, some leaks emerged regarding the arrival of Galaxy S7 in January next year. More rumors have hinted at the inclusion of a Hi-Fi audio booster in the flagship smartphone.

As per My Drivers, Galaxy S7 will feature a Sabre 9018AQ2M audio chip, manufactured by ESS Technology that will convert this smartphone into a Hi-Fi sound house with super audio quality.

Analyzing the chip specs, it maintains 129 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and can support PCM up to 32-bit and 384 KHz along with DSD 11.2 MHz sampling.

Surprisingly, instead of high power sound, it consumes minimal power i.e. less than 1mW in standby mode and almost 40mW under full working mode. It also provides lossless audio formats like FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV.

Previously, the same chip was featured in the LG V10 handset that also included ESS 9018 DAC paired with the SABRE 9602 headphone amplifier. A Reviewer Juan Bagnell said that including the sound master chip improved the overall market of LG phones.

“The V10 has the premier audio playback quality. Previously LG offered very poor and mid-quality sound systems for their handsets but this system is like a feather in the company’s hat,”

Another rumor has also been circulating regarding the choice of metal for the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone.

It is expected that Samsung will drop the previous aluminum concept and will go for magnesium glass in the Galaxy S7 which is more durable and tougher. Some people are of the view that magnesium feels more premium than Aluminum alloy.

Moreover, Samsung is also introducing the pressure sensitive technology to the Galaxy S7 that will sense the force of a touch and will respond accordingly.

The pressure will be sensed according to different voltage levels. Samsung will use Synaptic Clear Force pressure-sensitive touch solution to serve the purpose.

Samsung has not yet made any official statement regarding these leaks circulating about the Galaxy S7 in tech circles.

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