Samsung Galaxy S22 Battery Specs Confirmed Officially

Samsung Galaxy S22 Battery Specs Confirmed Officially

Sometimes ago, we reported that Samsung might be working on a smaller battery for the upcoming Galaxy S22. This makes sense since the device is supposed to be smaller in size than the current Galaxy S21 which it takes the baton from, but we would have expected that they bring something that works better since we want a phone that lasts longer.

A picture taken during the certification of the device has now showed that those claims were true. Where the current Galaxy S21 has a 4000mAh battery under the hood, the new unit will shave off about 300mAh to give us 3700mAh instead.

That said, the OS and AI in the unit could have been improved such that it manages the battery better and helps the user to get the most of it. This was the case with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 having the same batteries, yet the Galaxy S20 lasts longer than the older unit.

If that is done here also, it would pose a step in the right direction as we cannot keep having larger numbers when OEMs can just focus on making the ones that they have in the units count.

It is also confirmed that the smaller Galaxy S22 will only ship with 25W fast charging support. This is plenty enough for a device in this category, but nothing compared to the 45W fast charging that we’ll see on the bigger models.